Jan 18 & Jan 30 workshops

January 18 Work Party at East Frankfort Park!

Join The Habitat Workshop and RIP-FC (Remove Invasives Partnership of Franklin County) at East Frankfort Park on Saturday, Jan. 18 from 9am-3pm as we begin to transform the park woodland into a wildlife-friendly habitat.

Our first step is removing the invasive plants that keep many of the area’s native wildlife and native plants from using the park. Winter is one of the best seasons for this type of work, and we’re taking advantage of it. Professional biologists are leading the project, so stop by and ask us about the restoration or bring gloves and loppers and help transform the park.

Please dress appropriately if you plan to work. We will be meeting in the upper parking lot in the back. Go in the park entrance and follow the signs.

for more information contact
Jody Thompson
The Habitat Workshop
Frankfort, KY
(502) 382-6604

or Chris Schimmoeller, RIP (Remove Invasives Partnership of Franklin County) c.schimmoeller@gmail.com 502-226-5751

Work Party to Remove Invasive Plants at Lakeview Park on Thursday, January 30 at 3:30pm.

The Remove Invasives Partnership (RIP) of Franklin County, the County Parks Department, and Franklin County High School students will conduct a work party to remove invasive plants on Thursday, January 30 at 3:30pm. Participants will focus on removing invasive winter creeper from the trees along the border between the high school and Lakeview Park.

Members of the school’s FFA Club, Environmental Club, and Beta Club will participate. Students interested in participating should meet near the Carter House directly after school. This event is open to the public. Participants not arriving from the high school should arrive through the park’s main entrance and park near the Carter House.

Kentucky Forest Health Conference, Feb 6 2020

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This conference will provide useful new information and resources for the management of tree and forest health. Presentation topics (from a wide range of experts across the region) will include:

  • Progress on breeding emerald ash borer (EAB)-resistant ash trees
  • Potential future EAB deregulation (and what it means for you)
  • Updates on hemlock woolly adelgid and biological control development
  • Slowing the spread of European gypsy moth: Highlights and risks for Kentucky
  • Spotted lanternfly: New detection in West Virginia
  • Laurel wilt disease of sassafras in KY
  • Beech leaf disease, a new threat to beech
  • New herbicide options for managing bush honeysuckle

The conference will be at UK’s ES Good Barn, Lexington KY, from 9-3:30 ET