Kentucky Forest Health Conference, Feb 6 2020

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This conference will provide useful new information and resources for the management of tree and forest health. Presentation topics (from a wide range of experts across the region) will include:

  • Progress on breeding emerald ash borer (EAB)-resistant ash trees
  • Potential future EAB deregulation (and what it means for you)
  • Updates on hemlock woolly adelgid and biological control development
  • Slowing the spread of European gypsy moth: Highlights and risks for Kentucky
  • Spotted lanternfly: New detection in West Virginia
  • Laurel wilt disease of sassafras in KY
  • Beech leaf disease, a new threat to beech
  • New herbicide options for managing bush honeysuckle

The conference will be at UK’s ES Good Barn, Lexington KY, from 9-3:30 ET

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